Maria Seddio
Author and Vision-Holder

Whether in an intimate conversation with one person sitting in a cafe or in settings where there are large numbers of people gathered to think and learn together, you will find Maria talking about washing clothes and engaging in an exploration of the collective consciousness that is linked to wash. In addition to writing the WASH! monologues, she has been listening intently to the wash stories of others (yes, everyone has a wash story!) and collecting stories, photos, images and artwork featuring the washline. Submit your story here

In addition to her WASH! initiative, Maria is known for her ability to build capacity for and get to the heart of serious conversations.

As a conversation champion and inside-out change expert, she unites diverse stakeholders to address complex issues and hot topics with strength and sensitivity to drive growth and change. How? By creating safe environments to speak up and share ideas.

As part of her executive coaching and organizational development consulting work, she advises C-level executives and teams on ways to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating systems thinking, narrative methodologies, and the power of conversation for organizational health and innovation. Through her company CorpTalk , she delivers sustainable culture change initiatives in Global 100 and Fortune 500 companies, inspiring whole communities of colleagues and extended networks of stakeholders to achieve collaborative success stories.

As a systems-thinking thought leader on leadership and workplace issues and an advocate social change, Maria speaks at conferences, corporate meetings, and other events to inform and empower audiences by creating safe, energetic environments to explore ideas.

She is distilling her model and in-the-trenches insights into a how-to guide for serious conversations called, "Talk to Me."

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