Producing the book

Maria Seddio has collaborated, with the award-winning poet Ambar Past to create, a limited-edition book,Wash!, published and produced by the Taller Leņateros, a cooperative artist workshop based in Mexico that makes hand-crafted paper and unique art books.

The book is designed as an altar book celebrating the washerwomen of the world. It contains work by fine photographers, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Graciela Iturbide, Jose Angel Rodriguez, Edward Curtis and Antonio Turok and is printed on white linen and hand-embroidered in white thread. A niche on the inside of the fold-out altar contains a little book with the monologues of six washerwomen and additional photographs of the washline and washerwomen at work. Inside the back of the altar, a CD audio with an hour of river music.

The Taller Leņateros, winners of the 2010 PEN Prize for Editorial Excellence, has been operating as a papermaking, printmaking, and bookmaking cooperative studio and store for over 35 years. Producing extraordinary books of original art, fiction, and poetry, the Taller is working to keep alive the papermaking traditions of Mayan culture. Natural plant fibers are cooked and rinsed, then blended with recycled paper to produce paper pulp. The pulp is then cast in molds or pressed onto metal sheets and dried in the sun. All proceeds from the
Wash! book go to support the Taller Leņateros.

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