The Community

A living, breathing tribute to our mothers and foremothers, Wash! is a participatory art and social change platform that is based in the notion of community.

The monologues, performances, workshops, book and website all share a common goal: to explore and further the significance of women's work in the building of community and to get people talking openly and energetically about things that really matter.

Everybody has a Wash! story. By introducing "wash" as an organizing metaphor and by highlighting the power of voice, Maria uses the Wash! monologues monologues to get the conversation going. Audiences are welcomed into the conversation as community members at the washline, contributing their own memories, stories and images through the Wash! website.

And while Wash! is presented through a woman's lens, it is not solely for and about women. Some of the best stories have been inspired and shared by men who embody the spirit of the washerwomen. These men, some of whom are our fathers, sons, brothers, husbands and lovers, are able to express themselves through empathetic and caring actions and are egalitarian by nature.

As The Narrator says in her monologue, there is a fundamental connection here for all of us, something essential that we have not paid enough attention to, something begging us to bear witness.

Wash! encourages the support of organizations, such as Women For Women, Global Fund For Women, KIVA and Water.Org. These award-winning organizations support political freedom and economic independence for women and access to water for every citizen of the world.

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“I come from a long line of washerwomen. And so do you.
     We all do.”

A call for stories, photos, videos and commentary.

Interested in participating? Become part of the growing washline community by contributing to the Wash! archives.

“Everyone has a wash story...”

Submit your Wash! story in a WORD document here. Submit your Wash! photos and videos here. Please include contact information and permission to use on our website.